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How To Write A Blog Post That Will Keep Your Clients Begging For More

How To Get Your Freelance Writing Client Begging For More

As of late, all the freelance writing that I do is for blogs and online magazines. If you’re thinking of getting into freelance blogging, I want the post to help you guys out.

It can be much easier for newer writers to land gigs on online blogs than for them to try and start writing for Forbes right off the bat. And Freelance Blogging can be lucrative if you find a profitable niche.

However, writing a blog post is a bit different than writing for a printed magazine. Actually, it’s very different…but more on that later.

If you want to become a freelance blogger that get your clients nearly begging you to write for them, there are a few actions that you should take to stand out among the crowd. Not only will these tips help you secure clients that you have, but they will help to push more clients your way as well.

Before The Blog Post: Know The Blog’s Audience

The key to writing great web content isn’t actually in your writing skill. Surprising, right?

It may seem like it, but great blog posts start before the post is ever written. A great piece of work starts with knowing the blogs audience.

What is the blog known for? What is the general age demographic of the sites visitors? Who visit the blog more, men or women?

You can usually spend time looking through the blog to figure that out, but if you’ve landed a gig with the owner of the blog, don’t be afraid to ask them questions like this.

The fact that you would ask something about this can show your clients that you’re really trying to work hard to understand their viewers and they’ll appreciate the effort.

The better you know for whom you’re writing for, the better your article will do.

Understand What Your Client Actually Wants From Your Blog Post

When you land a guest posting opportunity, there are a few things that you should realize.

  1. There are other fish in the sea. Your client may have managed to pick you, but that doesn’t make you special to them yet so don’t think they won’t go finding other freelancers if you’re a pain.
  2. They’ll expect–usually anyway–that your work is well written, edited and on topic for what you two agreed upon.
  3. They want great posts that will help build the authority of their site and are hiring you to help with that.

These things are obvious. What usually alludes the average freelance blogger is what your client is really craving. What’s that?


Online business is all about conversion. Your clients want articles that have a way of boosting their traffic, social shares, email signups, lower bounce rates and that put money in their pockets.

If you can write articles that scratch this itch, you’ll likely have a client for life.

How do you do this? How do you write about something in such a way?

These 3 steps will help.

1) Learn How To Write Captivating Headlines

Headlines are the virtual book covers of the digital realm. The more intriguing the headline, the better the chances that someone will click on it. This will result in more unique visitors to the blog as well as boost social shares.

The art of writing headlines is something few bloggers spend time learning, but it’s an art that your clients will love you for.

Jon Morrow–a blogger I love and adore– has a free cheat sheet over at his blog, Boost Blog Traffic, that every serious blogger needs to read and re-read and keep handy during all hours of the day.

Go there, sign up and download his cheat sheet right now. This is a serious gold mine and one I refer to constantly.

2.) Write With A Unique Voice 

By now, you should know that you can write in such a way where your writing can have a voice to it. Sure, you can write, but by learning your audience you can tweak your style towards something that they’ll like.

For example, this generation may not understand a quote from Much Ado About Nothing so if you’re writing on a blog with a younger generation as the audience, adding something like that will only trip them up. But, making a reference to Justin Bieber or Twilight will certainly be something that they’ll understand.

Often times, freelance bloggers get so lost in the writing that they forget to put a bit of life into their work. Much of what I write doesn’t always afford me the flexibility to really express everything that I’m thinking, but it doesn’t hinder me from throwing something in that I think will help keep the viewers attention a bit longer.

3.) Master The Art Of Bait and Hook

Think of it like this. The internet is a virtual sea. The audience you’re writing for are like fish, the title for the post is the bait and your first 5 seconds of content are the hook.

If you can’t hook’em, you’ll loose them and they’ll go somewhere else. In order to hook your readers and reel them in, you need to start with something captivating. The title of the post is just enough to lure them in.

For a real life example of the Bait and Hook, check out my post over at WPLift. (click here)

These 3 steps really only scratch the surface of all that you can do to help win clients over for the long run, but they are actionable steps that you can use to take your blogging art to the next level.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas of what you’d like me to cover in my upcoming articles. Do you have questions about what it takes to make a living from your writing?

Leave a comment and I’ll reply. Better yet, you ideas may just become a post that I’ll dedicate to you ;).
photo credit: mouton.rebelle via photopin cc

Ari Rule

I'm Ari — a freelance writer, digital marketer, and side-hustle guinea pig. HustlePineapple is where you'll find my best tactics for freelance success, blogging and social media tips, and ideas for profitable side-hustles. Connect with me on Twitter or Instagram @HustlePineapple

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  1. Hi Ariel, I am not a writer myself… yet… at least I don’t have any portfolio yet. I was wondering, how do you discuss the subject of the article you’re going to write with your client? Do they give you only the topic and number of words/characters or do they usually have some specific requirements regarding keywords, links etc?

    1. Ariel Rule

      It all just depends really. Each person you write for will have a different method. Sometimes, they want you to pitch them blog post ideas (title) the relate to their blog. Other times, they may have a post in mind and will give specifics about length or even a keyword to target. (This is all assuming you mean to write for blogs and not print
      magazines.) Hope that helps 😉

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