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6 Ways to Diversify Your Freelance Blogging Business


Are you currently building a freelance blogging or writing business?

If you are, great! It’s both an enjoyable and lucrative career. But it doesn’t have to stop there.

Adding additional services to your freelance toolbelt will make you more valuable to both your current and future clients. It also can keep your work fresh and interesting, and allows you to prospect for new clients in different ways too!

But what services does it make sense to offer? And how do you know if you’re qualified to offer them?

Here are six different ways to diversify your freelance blogging business today.

Expanding Your Freelance Blogging Biz

1. Other Types of Writing

Using writing as a medium to connect with clients and prospects just continues to grow. And companies use blogs as just one way to connect with their customers. They are also probably in need of website copy, sales pages, newsletters, white papers… the list goes on.

In essence, blog writing is just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe your current blog writing clients don’t need anything more from you at the moment. Don’t worry, that will probably change over time. And they might know someone that just launched a website and needs sales copy or something else. You don’t know unless you ask!

2. Editing/Proofreading

freelance blogging and editing

Maybe someone you know isn’t in need of a writer, but they are in need of someone that can edit and/or proofread their work. Or take their Word or Google docs and upload and format them into WordPress for their blog.

I recently hired an editor for my business. And it’s not because I’m in need of grammatical help either. It’s more to free up some of my time in order to take on additional writing clients and scale my freelance business.

It’s a win/win situation too, as I pay someone a fraction of what I might be able to earn in the same time. And she gets to learn more about formatting, online business workflows and practice working with clients.

Many larger blogs are also in need of a blog editor or manager.

They often deal with multiple contributors and guest post submissions.

Your role would be to edit and format all of the posts/articles, maintain an editorial calendar, communicate with the team and basically manage the needs of the blog, the writers and the business owner.

And if you find the right blog to work with, it can be both a lucrative and a predictable source of income.

3. Social Media Management

how to go from freelance blogging to social media management

Odds are if you’re pursuing a career as a freelance writer, you have some interest or knowledge of social media.

And posting to social media is a form of writing.

So adding social media management services is kind of a no-brainer when expanding your freelance blogging business.

It’s also a great upsell for your current clients.

Many small companies don’t have the knowledge, time or desire to learn all there is to know about social media. They just know that they need to have a profile, presence and that they probably shouldn’t ignore it.

You could help them launch and manage a Facebook page for their business, a Twitter account, a Pinterest profile, Google+ and more.

You can choose what to become an expert in, how to structure your packages and what tools you’d like to use (if any) to automate the process on your end.

4. Virtual Assistance Work

In addition to not having the time and know-how for social media, many businesses have additional daily tasks that they don’t quite have the time for. They might need to expand their team, but it might not make sense to take on an employee.

You can position yourself instead as a contractor and help them out from afar as a virtual assistant.

Many companies are looking to achieve a global presence by launching a website and offices in numerous countries.

This also makes for an excellent opportunity to contract with companies around the world virtually.

Activities can range from email management and customer service to design work or research.

There’s no limit to the types of tasks that can fall under this heading and just like social media management, you can position yourself to be an expert in whatever area you choose.

The more specialization, the better!

5. Coaching

build your freelance blogging business by coaching

People love learning from others that have successfully accomplished what they are looking to achieve. This makes for an awesome opportunity to offer coaching. It’s also a fun, social option for scaling your freelance business.

The downside, is that you’re probably only going to be able to take on a finite number of coaching clients at any one time.

In my experience, it tends to be a more emotionally exhausting part of the business, but it can also be the most rewarding.

I like to offer coaching on a biweekly basis. We Skype twice a month for a half hour and then communicate in between by email.

I help newer freelancers build and scale their businesses and take action by punching fear in the face.

An added perk is that it also ends up being a semi-predictable income stream.

6. Launch Your Own Product

launch a freelance blogging course

Launching my own course for aspiring freelance writers (Ariel’s affiliate link) has been very beneficial for a few reasons.

Beyond writing the material (and revising it a few times), building sales pages and marketing, it’s a pretty passive income stream. Don’t let it fool you, it’s not 100% passive.

There’s still customer service, ongoing maintenance, etc., but for the most part it is passive.

It’s also a great income diversify-er, it feeds naturally into my coaching services and has been a super fun way to meet a bunch of other motivated writers. And I don’t have to recreate the content each time.

You can do something similar. Figure out what you’re “an expert” in, write a course, ebook or something else and then put it up for sale.

You won’t know what’s possible until you try!

In Conclusion

Becoming a freelance blogger is an awesome way to break into online business. You could decide to keep doing just that or add additional services to your arsenal and diversify your freelance business instead.

Start by researching what other writing mediums might be a good fit for you. If you have a keen eye for editing, consider looking into adding proofreading services or becoming a blog editor.

Interested in all things social media? Add that to your service offerings.

Or consider some virtual assistance work as an opportunity to create some predictability in your hours or income.

If you have successfully built your own freelance business, it might be time to offer some coaching or create a product for sale.

What have you done well that you can teach others how to do?

You’re the only one that’s limiting you and your income potential. Start by increasing the services you can offer clients and then figure out how to scale from there. Why not you, why not now?

Do you offer additional services as a freelance blogger or is writing it? 

Gina Horkey

Gina Horkey is a writer for hire, with a background in personal finance. She also offers coaching services and really enjoys helping other freelancers gear up to quit their day jobs and take their side hustles full-time. Please stop by Horkey HandBook and download your free copy of 8 Tips to Start Your Freelance Career off on the Right Foot!

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