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The Coffee Classifieds—November 2nd Edition

Like with most people, Sundays are my lazy days. I still get up before everyone else in the house, but I use the quiet time to sort of reset for the week ahead. As with every morning, I start my day off with a cup of coffee (because I’d die without my cup-of-joe — don’t judge me, I’m a mom) and I browse the web to catch up on the blog articles I’ve been saving to read up till now.

During one brainstorm session, I thought that it might be really cool to create a series of weekly posts that listed both the job posts from the previous week across some popular networks and some great articles from other sites that writers might like. Why? Because it just consolidates a lot of work for some people, and it gives you guys the chance to read some other great posts from the web. With that being said, welcome to the very first edition of The Coffee Classifieds!

The Coffee Classifieds Freelance Writing Gig Round-Up — November 2nd, 2014


In cased you missed it, here are some of the writing jobs from the previous week:

Freelance Writing Gigs List from FWJ

The Coffee Classifieds Weekly Post Round-Up

Wrapping It Up (And Exciting News!)

This post series if the first of more to come, but I would love your feedback! Do you guys like these types of posts? If so, what would you like to see in them? Any suggestions?

Also, anyone out there who would like to post there blogging job ads in The Coffee Classifieds for free? Be sure to shoot me an email.

And finally, I’m looking to have a few guest posts on the blog in months to come (paid of course — yay!) and I’ll be adding a post soon with further details. I’m willing to work with some new writers, but I’d love some posts from long-time bloggers too. You guys can enquire further on my contact page, or just wait for the post.

Until next time!

Ari Rule

I'm Ari — a freelance writer, digital marketer, and side-hustle guinea pig. HustlePineapple is where you'll find my best tactics for freelance success, blogging and social media tips, and ideas for profitable side-hustles. Connect with me on Twitter or Instagram @HustlePineapple

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