Anxiety and Work: How to Deal with Anxiety as an Entrepreneur

Anxiety and Work
Memory is a funny thing.
Somehow, I manage to forget all important stuff like where I left my keys, when I paid the bills last, or if I turned the stove off after making breakfast.
And yet, I can remember a lot of things that I’d really rather forget.
Deal with Anxiety as an Entrepreneur
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Like the day my dad accidentally ran over my pet kitten when I was seven and all the bad that ensued after that.

The day my wisdom teeth were pulled.

3 Productivity Hacks So Simple That Even a Brain Dead Mom Can Do Them

Whenever I read tips on boosting productivity, I almost always find myself scoffing.
It’s not to say that what I read is bad advice, but for a WAHM, very few tips really help.
But these…
These tips take the cake.

If you’ve been following the blog for a little bit, then the chances are that you know a bit about me already. If you haven’t, let me just break down the deets that are my life:

  1. I work at home
  2. I have two kids to take care of
  3. One kid is going through his terrible 3’s and the other is working on his first tooth

Needless to say,

How I Manage To Get Work Done With A Toddler In The House

How I Manage To Get Work Done With A Toddler In The House || It's so hard! But it's not impossible. If you struggle like I did, then here are a few tips to help. Click Through Here

Can you be a stay-at-home mom and still work while making decent money as a freelance writer?
The short answer: Yes, you can.
The slightly longer answer: Yes, you can, but oh my dear Lord is it difficult!
How do I know?
Because I speak from experience.

My son is coming up on 3 and he is about as boyish and energetic as a 2 1/2-year-old boy could be. At this point in his life, everything is about Spiderman,