Contena Pro Review: Trading Time for Money

How much time do you spend each day trying to find your next freelancing gig?
Are you combing through Craigslist ads from cities across the nation?
Is your bookmark bar full of free job boards, ready to check throughout the day?

Looking for decent gigs is time-consuming, I totally understand.

When I was first starting as a freelancer, I bootstrapped it. I didn’t spend a dime until I had earned the money.

Using only free listings, I landed my first gig.

3 Productivity Hacks So Simple That Even a Brain Dead Mom Can Do Them

Whenever I read tips on boosting productivity, I almost always find myself scoffing.
It’s not to say that what I read is bad advice, but for a WAHM, very few tips really help.
But these…
These tips take the cake.

If you’ve been following the blog for a little bit, then the chances are that you know a bit about me already. If you haven’t, let me just break down the deets that are my life:

  1. I work at home
  2. I have two kids to take care of
  3. One kid is going through his terrible 3’s and the other is working on his first tooth

Needless to say,

Why A Commonplace Book Is Your Secret Writing Weapon

How To Use A Commonplace Book as a freelance wrier

This is a Guest Post by Jenna VanLeeuwen.

As freelance writers, we make our living on our ability to effectively communicate ideas.  In order to make a good living, we need to write well — and fast.

Enter the commonplace book.

A commonplace book is a central resource for the ideas, quotes, and stories you encounter in your daily life. It’s a system to help you capture ideas and create new ones.

The idea of gathering one’s thoughts in writing isn’t new.