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How I Failed in 2015 (and Why I’m Okay With It)

how I failed at freelance writing
Can I just say it?
Failing… SUCKS.

When my freelance business finally started taking off in 2014, I was certain to I was going to make 2015 my year.

It was going to be the year that I hit all my business goals and do everything I set my sites on.


I failed in that endeavor.

However, as the year winds to a close and I look back at all that 2015 had to offer,

The Best Black Friday Deals for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

Black Friday!

I’m going to be brutally honest with you…

I HATE Black Friday.

HATE it…

Standing in line for 12 hours in the wind and rain with too much coffee and not being able to run to the bathroom is sooooo not my cup of tea. (Also, I’m not much of a tea person so… yeah.)

I do, however, love a good deal.

I’ve teamed up with companies and friends to bring you some really awesome deals on stuff that I use or that I know to be totally aft kicking!

How to Deal With Negative Feedback on Your Online Writing

How do you deal with negative feedback as a writer
How To Deal wit Negative Feedback as A Freelance Writer || Getting backlash about your writing sucks. I've been there — it happens,. But how do you deal with it? Click Through For the Answer
If there’s one thing freelance writers get warned about early on in their careers it’s to get used to negative feedback.
In fact, that’s exactly what Ariel had to say when I asked her to provide some advice for newbie freelance writers.

It got me thinking about how this has affected me in the past and how it must affect many other writers out there.

Negative feedback can be difficult to deal with. Rather than letting it get you down,

3 Productivity Hacks So Simple That Even a Brain Dead Mom Can Do Them

Whenever I read tips on boosting productivity, I almost always find myself scoffing.
It’s not to say that what I read is bad advice, but for a WAHM, very few tips really help.
But these…
These tips take the cake.

If you’ve been following the blog for a little bit, then the chances are that you know a bit about me already. If you haven’t, let me just break down the deets that are my life:

  1. I work at home
  2. I have two kids to take care of
  3. One kid is going through his terrible 3’s and the other is working on his first tooth

Needless to say,

How to Use Reader Personas as a Freelance Writer

reader personas
reader personas
Assume you’re writing for a well-educated, savvy reader, who is already in the last stages of researching about the topic.
I never thought I’d reach a point in which the sentence above would make my life much easier.

But as soon as I read that in an email from my client, I let out a big sigh of relief. I knew who would read my article, and that made the job of writing it much easier.

As freelance writers for hire,

Do You Have a Case of Mistaken Identity? 5 Questions to Help You Find Your Writing Niche

Have you ever had a case of mistaken identity?
Your title says one thing, but your clients or coworkers think you do something entirely different.

I had this happen to me recently at work, and it made me think about developing my niche as a writer.

My full-time job has me working in an emergency department as a physician assistant.

As a physician assistant, I do a lot of the same things as a physician, but I have a physician there as back up if I need them or if a problem arises.

7 Lessons from a Freelance Blogger Just Starting Out

[asg-content-box boxcolor=”gray” boxtitle=”” boldtitle=”false” boxexpand=”false” showcontent=”false”]This is a guest post by Disha Sharma.[/asg-content-box]

Don’t you think it’s best to learn from other people’s (or in this case, freelance blogger’s) mistakes and experiences?
I, too, live by this principle.
But no matter how well read and informed you are, there will be slips.

When I plunged into becoming a freelance blogger, I thought that I knew all that I needed to know.

I honestly thought that I had read enough posts about freelance blogging mistakes to not make any myself.

6 Ways to Diversify Your Freelance Blogging Business


Are you currently building a freelance blogging or writing business?

If you are, great! It’s both an enjoyable and lucrative career. But it doesn’t have to stop there.

Adding additional services to your freelance toolbelt will make you more valuable to both your current and future clients. It also can keep your work fresh and interesting, and allows you to prospect for new clients in different ways too!

But what services does it make sense to offer?

How to Build your Freelance Writing Business While Working Full-Time

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This is a Guest Post by Debra Giuliano. If you would like the chance to write a guest post on the blog, please feel free to contact me.

After writing for others my entire working life, including a stint ghost-writing on a variety of topics with a content mill for pennies-per-word, I was ready to write under my own byline and for my own pleasure and profit as a freelance author.

Working full-time for a terrific firm that deserves (and gets) my personal best while building my own business is a huge undertaking that probably should scare the socks off me.

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