5 Ways to Easily Expand Your Writing Skills as a New Writer

Expand Your Skills as a New freelance Writer

Expand Your Skills as a New freelance Writer

Honestly, not a day goes by without my mind wandering over to this subject. And I’m not the only one.

My fellow Freelance Freedom Fighter, Gina Horkey decided to cover a couple posts just on this topic alone:

As writers, we are crafting words that can turn into anything we want them to. However,

Grammar Quick Tips: Farther Vs Further

Grammar Quick Tips

I’ve been spending a few days trying to brainstorm how to add more posts to the blog that would be helpful to new bloggers and writers.

Obviously, we’re busy people and don’t have time to read a ton of posts that are thousands of words long — though they can be some of the best posts we read. However, I wanted to create posts that were smaller and easier to remember and come back to for reference when needed.

With that being the case, I decided to start a new post series called Grammar Quick Tips. 

How I Went From $25 Per Post to $100 Per Hour as a Freelance Blogger

how to make money as freelance blogger

It’s a common struggle that many new bloggers run into. What is that exactly?

Moving away from crappy paying blog jobs and onto better paying projects so that you’re not a starving artist.

When you’re first starting out as a blogger, landing those first couple of paying  gigs feels amazing. For many, including myself, it felt like validation for everything you have been trying to do.

But does this sound familiar?

You contact a potential client (or vice-versa) and land the job,

Why Loving to Write Doesn’t Make You A Good Freelance Blogger

When I first came across the idea of Freelance Blogging, my first thought was, “Writing for money? That’s perfect! I love writing anyway.”

I’m sure there are many other budding freelance bloggers who have had similar sentiments regarding the idea of writing for a living.

If you’re looking to become a freelance blogger or you’re new to the game, then please read the next sentence carefully:

Loving to write does not mean that you will be a good freelance blogger.

I hope that doesn’t sound like a harsh statement,

A Review of Last Year, and My Plans For 2015

Can you believe it? It’s already 2015! (Jaw drops to the floor.) I don’t even know what happened to the last year, but I can tell you one thing: it was an exciting one.

As some of you may know, I stumbled into Freelance Blogging quite by accident. After I realized how much easier it was to land long-term clients and reoccurring revenue when compared to doing Web Design, I ultimately switched tracks and dove right in.

In the short time that I’ve been writing for the online world as a Freelance Blogger,

The Coffee Classifieds — November 24th, 2014 Edition

Not gonna lie — I’ve had a whirlwind week! I won’t go into details, but Wowza, what a week! However, I knew it would be and planned ahead. In my last TCC post, I said that usual Sunday post would be a bit late, but it’s here as promised.

Below are some job ads and great blog posts from the past week.

The Coffee Classifieds Freelance Writing Gig Round-Up — November 24th, 2014 Edition


The Coffee Classifieds — November, 16th 2014 Edition

In true coffee addict nature, I’m working on my second cup of coffee while snuggling on the sofa nestled between my hubby and son while I put this post together you guys.

I also wanted to take this moment to let you guys know that my Coffee Classified post will be slightly belated next week, so look for the last round-up for the month on Monday instead of Sunday ;).

Without further ado, here is the job post and article round-up from this past week.

The Coffee Classifieds Freelance Writing Gig Round-Up — November,

The Coffee Classifieds — November 9th, 2014 Edition

The Coffee Classifieds

Alrighty guys, here is the round up of job ads and posts from last week.

The Coffee Classifieds Freelance Writing Gig Round-Up — November 9th, 2014 Edition

The Coffee Classifieds
The Coffee Classifieds

Freelance Writing Gigs List from FWJ