Hi! I'm Ariel

I Teach Freelancers and Solo-preneurs How To Market and Grow Their Business

Like, whoa… I can’t believe you’re on this page! Seriously, it’s very humbling that you’ve clicked over to this page to learn more about me and the Freelance Freedom Fighter blog.

Back in 2013, I “started” a business doing web design as a way to help bring in some extra money for my growing family.

And… it failed miserably.

My first year in business, I didn’t even make more than $500. It sucked!

Not too long after thatI stumbled into freelance writing and I was back in business. I went from $0 to $2K+ in less than 3 months!

As my business grew, I found that I was becoming more than “just a writer”.

I loved writing, but I knew there was a way to make more and work less so I started learning everything I could about marketing.

Content Marketing.

Brand Marketing.

Inbound Marketing.

Social Media Marketing.

Email Marketing and Automation.

Sales funnels.


Paid Marketing.

Slowly, the pieces started to come together. And since my freelance writing niche was marketing, I was able to share my knowledge with more and more people.

Suddenly, the emails came pouring in.

People were reading my work on various blogs and reaching out to me for help with their content and marketing needs.

Startups and Fortune 500 companies were getting in touch left and right asking me to head up their content marketing division. Freelancers were emailing me to ask if I would coach them one-on-one.

That was when the lightbulb went off. 

While I started the Triple F site as a way to blog my journey as a freelancer and make it easier for potential clients to get in touch, I realized that I could do more.

I could share my marketing knowledge and teach bloggers, writers, and entrepreneurs how to market their skills and products.

I was writing about it on other blogs.

I was doing it for other people.

So why not blog about it here?

There lies my goal of Freelance Freedom Fighter.

If you’ve ever been confused about marketing your blog, growing your email list, or designing a website that gets you ever more clients, then this blog is for you. 

As a thank you for visiting my About Page, I’d love to invite you to join my Facebook group sp that we can get to know each better to see.